About Us


Grand Traverse County covers 464 square miles and has a population of roughly 95,860. With a population growth greater than 10% over the last decade; Grand Traverse County is Michigan's second fastest-growing County. 

The Grand Traverse County Road Commission works to keep Grand Traverse County moving with a network of reliable, safe, and convenient roads and bridges. The Road Commission constructs, maintains, and preserves this network while collaborating with other governmental entities and responding to the needs of the public. 

Established in 1909, the Road Commission maintains over 1,000 miles of roads. It also provides routine maintenance services for over 100 miles of state trunklines under agreement with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to upgrade and maintain a safe and efficient road system by managing public assets in Grand Traverse County. 

Vision Statement

The Grand Traverse County Road Commission is a well-respected organization and the best place to work. As a community leader collaborating with partners to create a safe and highly efficient road system, the Road Commission is a team of competent and effective experts, has the right tool to do its work, proactively seeks sustainable transportation solutions, and provides services in response to the needs of residences.