Grand Traverse Conservation District

About the Partnership

The Grand Traverse County Road Commission (GTCRC) partners with the Grand Traverse Conservation District to help control the spread of invasive plants in our county. Did you know that some of these plants are so large that they can actually cause road heave? 

To learn more about these plants and how you can help, check out the Conservation's Invasive Plants page.

Native Plant Rescue

Grand Traverse Conservation District and the Grand Traverse County Road Commission have partnered to rescue native plants that may otherwise be destroyed on road projects. Several plants were rescued on South Long Lake Road, which include:
  • 30 False Solomon Seal
  • 15 Marsh Buttercups
  • 3 Ostrich Ferns
  • Sensitive Ferns
Volunteers enjoyed the rescue and had never rescued the Marsh Buttercups or Sensitive Ferns before!

On June 29, 2010, the group that went to South Long Lake Road found a patch of Jack in the Pulpits. The group rescued about 50 Jacks from that spot! The road widening project is about to begin and it would be great to get out there one more time before all of these amazing plants are destroyed!

Stream Crossing Restoration

The Road Commission has been involved in cooperative projects with the Conservation District since 1993. This relationship has resulted in improving stream quality and correcting erosion problems throughout the County. A special emphasis has been placed on the Boardman River.

Boardman River and Tributaries Projects

The following list exemplifies what has been accomplished between our 2 agencies:
  • Blair Townhall Road at Jaxon Creek
  • Blair Townhall Road at Swainston Creek
  • Broomhead Road at the North Branch Boardman River
  • Brown Bridge Road at Boardman River at Ranch Rudolf
  • Brown Bridge Road at Boardman River at Scheck’s
  • Brown Bridge Road at Hanna Creek
  • Carpenter Creek culvert replacement
  • Cass Road at Miller Creek
  • Clous Road at Jaxon Creek
  • Hodge Road at Parker Creek
  • Knight Road at Parker Creek (North Crossing)
  • Knight Road at Parker Creek (South Crossing)
  • Lake Road at Carpenter Creek
  • Marsh Road at Bancroft Creek
  • Mayfield Road at East Creek
  • Vance Road at Beitner Creek
  • Weaver Road at Jaxon Creek (North Crossing)
  • Weaver Road at Jaxon Creek
  • Williams Road at Beitner Creek