How It Works

Protecting Our Roads
When weight restrictions are being enforced, most heavy trucks must reduce their speeds and axle loads. These reductions reduce the impact that vehicles have on the fragile road surface. Speeds are reduced 35 miles per hour. Loads can either be reduced by carrying fewer pounds or by adding additional axles.

The State of Michigan allows more weight per axle during normal travel times than any of the adjoining states. Weight restrictions are placed on roads to protect them from damage as the frost comes out of the road bed surface. As this action is weather-related, there is no set day when restrictions are placed or removed. Following is a brief history of "on-and-off" dates in Grand Traverse County:
Year On Date
Off Date
2020 March 2
March 30
2019 March 13
April 22
2018 February 21
April 30
2017 February 17 April 5
2016 March 4
March 25

Exemptions From the Restrictions
All state highways within Grand Traverse County are considered "Class A" roads. Trucks may continue their loads and speeds. A list of roads within Grand Traverse County that have either been constructed or reconstructed to a greater standard are also exempt. No special moves are allowed for loads that are overweight or over-sized during this period of time.

There are legal exemptions for certain classes of business, however, those businesses must still obtain written permission from the Road Commission for their intended route. Examples are several types of farm transports and electric utilities. For more information, please visit the County Road Association of Michigan website.