Snow Removal

Snow Removal Priorities
To read about the Road Commission's snow removal priorities, view the Snow and Ice Control Policy (PDF).

Removing Snow From Driveways

Did you know that you can be ticketed for improper removal of snow? Under Michigan Vehicle Code Section 257.677a, a person shall not:
  • Remove or cause snow to be removed, snow, ice or slush onto or across a roadway in a manner which obstructs the safety vision of the driver of a motor vehicle, meaning, you must not create or leave high banks along the edge of the road.
  • Shovel any snow on any roadway or highway, meaning, all snow coming off your personal property must remain on your property! Snow removal operations must not leave piles of snow in the road or ridges on the road.
Neighbor's Property
Do not put your snow on your neighbor's property. Tickets can be issued for littering.

Ticking & Violations
Tickets can be issued for violation of this code. The Road Commission does not have authority to issue tickets for these violations, only police agencies do.