Why do snowplows block my driveway with snow?

As snow and ice is moved away from the road, it is inevitable that some will be deposited at the ends of driveways.   Due to the geometry, driveways along curves and cul-de-sacs are likely to experience more snow in driveways than those driveways along straight segments of road.    Cul-de-sacs without islands contain even more area which needs to be plowed and, as a result, even more snow in driveways should be expected.

 We understand that this can be frustrating, however it can be alleviated to a certain extent.    To minimize extra work, GTCRC recommends that you shovel to the right side of your driveway (see graphic below). Shoveling an area large enough to hold the snow coming off a plow blade may help reduce the need for a “second shovel.”

Second Shovel

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