When does GTCRC trim or remove living trees along public roads?

GTCRC will attempt to minimize impact to trees whenever possible, but there are times when trees along public roads need to be trimmed or removed. Generally, the following criteria will be considered by staff to determine if tree trimming or tree removal is necessary:

  • Drainage and Road Improvements – Whether the tree(s) are in conflict with the construction or maintenance of necessary drainage and/or road improvements.
  • Crash Frequency – Whether there are specific locations or road segments with evidence of vehicle-tree crashes either from actual crash reports or scarring of the trees.
  • Intersections and Railroads – Whether the tree(s) are obstructing adequate sight distance at intersections of public roads or railroad crossings.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Curves – Whether the tree(s) are located in a target position on the outside of curves, obstructing sight distance on the inside of curves or overhanging the road and obstructing sight distance on hillcrests and sags.
  • Shading – Whether shading from the tree(s) is causing structural deterioration and/or intermittent ice or snow accumulation on the traveled portion of the road.
  • Fallen Trees – Whether the tree(s) have fallen within the traveled portion of the roadway. GTCRC will prioritize removing trees, limbs or branches that have fallen across the traveled portion of the roadway.
  • Dead Trees – If the tree(s) are dead and within the public road right-of-way, a property owner may contact GTCRC to have the tree(s) removed. Tree removal will be scheduled by as time and resources allow.   Extended wait times should be expected.
  • Potentially Hazardous Trees – GTCRC retains the right to remove any tree(s) within the public road right-of-way which may pose a safety hazard to the public.

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