Do you have a schedule of when you will grade roads?

Unpaved road maintenance is weather-dependent, therefore GTCRC does not have a firm maintenance schedule. Grading can cause damage when roads are too wet. If the roads are too dry, dust can become a hazard for motorists and neighboring property owners.  

Typically, GTCRC grades gravel roads 2x per year (before a scheduled dust control application).   Our crews are careful not to over-grade, which can cause unnecessary erosion and bigger maintenance problems in the future.

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1. Do you have a schedule of when you will grade roads?
2. You graded my road right before it rained and now it is muddy. Why?
3. My gravel road is a muddy mess! Can you do something to stop this situation?
4. My gravel road is very dusty! When are you coming out to treat it?
5. Why do you only fill small spots of the road with gravel?
6. How are resurfacing projects funded on unpaved roads?
7. Why is my unpaved road always the last to be plowed?
8. Why do you use sand on unpaved roads in the winter?
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