Road Regulations

  1. Bridge Restrictions

    Currently, the only bridge with posted weight restrictions in Grand Traverse County is the Cass Road Bridge.

  2. Mailboxes & Trash Containers

    View information about installing mailboxes, reporting trash container issues, and more.

  3. Off-Road Vehicle Ordinance

    Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners adopted a county-wide Off-Road Vehicle Ordinance which became effective on August 31, 2011.

  4. Road Maintenance

    Learn about seasonal roads, seal coating, dust control and funding for road maintenance projects.

  5. Road Ratings

    View road rating information for primary and local roads as designed by the Road Commission.

  6. Signals, Signs & Speed Limits

    View information about general signs, privates road signs, and traffic signals.

  7. Weight Restrictions

    Learn how weight restrictions work and when they are in place.