Projects & Resources

  1. Adopt-A-Road Program

    Since 1991, the Grand Traverse County Road Commission has been involved in a cooperative effort with local groups and families to retain the natural beauty of our area. There are 188 total routes, with some available for adoption.

  2. Asset Management Plan (PDF)

    View the Asset Management Plan for both primary and local roads.

  3. Boardman River Dam Project (PDF)

    Read about the Boardman River Dam and Ecosystem Restoration Project's scope, authority, funding, and more.

  4. County Map by Township

    Access maps for data about county roads throughout the various townships.

  5. Development Standards

    View current development standards and an amendment to said standards.

  6. Permit Requirements as per Act 200

    This public notice is to educate the public on activities that require permits from the Road Commission as per Act 200.

  7. Project Lists

    View current projects of the Road Commission and view projects from previous years.

  8. Road Funding

    Learn about how pays to build or fix roads and where the funding comes from.

  9. Road Millage

    The Grand Traverse County Road Commission received approval for a 3 year, 1 mill addition to their property taxes for improving and repairing our roads.

  10. Snowfall Data