Permit Requirements as per Act 200

Public Notice
This public notice is published in the local newspaper to educate the public on activities that require permits to be issued from the Road Commission.   
In accordance with Act 200 of the Michigan Public Acts of 1969, any activity or use of county road right-of-way other than for highway travel purposes and maintaining natural vegetation requires a right-of-way permit from the Road Commission. A completed right-of-way permit may be required before the township will issue a land use permit. Please allow 7 - 10 workdays for processing the permit. The contractor performing the work must have a valid certificate of insurance on file with the Road Commission before a permit will be issued. A permit application or schedule of fees for right-of-way permits and land division reviews may be obtained through the Road Commission.
  1. Activities Requiring Permits
  2. Activities Not Permitted
Activities Requiring Permits
  • Existing driveway reconstruction, pavement, or concrete placement
  • New driveway construction
  • Oversize transport
  • Overweight transport
  • Seismographic exploration
  • Upgrade an existing field drive to residential use
  • Upgrade an existing residential drive to commercial use
  • Utility installations
Mailbox Regulations
For mailbox regulations, please view the Installing Mailbox Regulations page.

Permit Applications

Permit applications, and standards for working within the right-of- way can be found here or are available at the Road Commission Office at:
1881 LaFranier Road
Traverse City, MI 49686 Email

Questions & Concerns

Your cooperation will help keep our roadways safe for vehicle traffic and reduce the future maintenance expense on our county road system. If you have any questions or need additional information regarding permitted activities in the road right-of-way, please contact the Traffic Services Supervisor at 231-922-4849, ext. 212.